He loves his family of 5 and spending time with them.

He loves the whole process that goes into triathlon- from the cool equipment and gear, getting to eat a bunch of maple syrup while training, to the preparation and build up to race weekend and race day.

He started triathlon 10 years ago, and fell in love immediately! He did his 1st sprint triathlon then and he ate a PB sandwich in T1. He may or may not have had orange wedges too. He’s learned a lot in 10 years of on and off training. He loves triathlon enough that he got 2 of his kids into racing their first 2 triathlons this summer!

He’s trained with and without 4D over the past 10 years. He’s completed 10 70.3, a Full IM in 2015 (with 4D) and multiple marathons and 1/2 marathons. He’s still married (LOL) with 3 young children, and everyday he realizes that time is essential.

He states:

“With limited time in the day, I NEED 4D to make me the best athlete that I can be and want to be. My workouts are tailored to me and backed with science. Anyone who is interested in becoming theirs best athlete as efficiently as possible, should use Will Jones and 4D. After my 70.3 PR in Memphis a couple weeks ago, I’m looking forward to continuing to push my limits with 4D!”


Chris likes to work, train, and spend time with his family. He thoroughly enjoys riding in St. Francisville and eating 3 Dominos pizzas before he races.

He was introduced to triathlon from a friend in 2011 and did his first sprint then. He did his first half at river roux in 2013 and started training with 4D in 2014 for Ironman Lake Placid.

He got his slot to 70.3 worlds in October, so he signed up for that.

Congratulations Chris! 🎉

Jeannie Theriot

She is the hostess with the mostess having created and hosted the orange crush awards party the most times.

You never know what she’s going to say.

Running is her favorite but a ski injury has held her up lately. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Adam Morgan

Adam is a long-time 4D athlete, is a Boston Marathon, 70.3 World Championship and Kona qualifier.

His favorite race moment was the Solberg hill at Challenge Roth.

He’s always up for a good challenge whether it be Rouge Roubaix or any extra hilly Ironman.

Also loves his dogs and his redheads.

John Theriot

The 4D Racing athlete of the month is Dr. John Theriot. He has had a great season so far and looks to really close it out on a high note next weekend at IMAZ. He and his lovely wife will be hosting the end of the season party again so make sure you come by and celebrate with us. Some fun facts about John.

He, like Ricky Bobby, likes to go fast.

He and his pals Ryan and Jake have been friends since Dental School.

Big James calls him Little John.

He can keep Jeannie in line.

He doesn’t like my dogs.

Dwayne Morein

Dwayne got into triathlon just wanting to lose weight (which then became an addiction), and to be an inspiration to his kids that you can accomplish things that seem impossible.
At one point in his life, he was a Massage Therapist at the Ritz in NOLA, DJ at a daiquiri bar, Bartender at the same place, and Carpenter, all jobs held at the same time… post-Katrina.
He almost dropped out of high school to be a shrimping fisherman in my hometown, Lafitte.
His favorite movie is The Crow, this is not up for debate (Big Lebowski gets an honorable mention).
In 2021, Dayne won the Orange Crush Award for the most Podiums.