I have been an athlete my entire life.  Growing up like most children in America, team sports were where I ended up.  I always sought to push myself to be better and over-achieve.  Eventually this led me to playing football in college and earning a scholarship.  It was during this time that I sustained my first major injury and through the rehab process my path was set to become a coach and exercise specialist.  I wanted to know the ins and outs of why I injured myself and what I could do to not only return to the field but be stronger and more resilient.  Upon graduating with a BS in Exercise Science I took a job doing cardiac rehabilitation for the Cardiovascular Institute of the South.  It did not take long for my desire to work with athletes to bring me back to school for a MS degree in coaching and sports psychology.  I enrolled at LSU and began working with the athletic department doing strength and conditioning as a graduate assistant.  Once I completed my studies, I was hired as a full-time member of the coaching staff.  During this time, I was a part of many SEC championships and the 2003 National Championship with the football team.  It was during my time at LSU that I was introduced to cycling and later swimming, thus beginning my interest in triathlon.

After my six years working at LSU, I had a brief 18-month stint working at a private training facility that allowed me time to train for triathlon and learn about business outside of a University athletics program.  Near the end of this time, I did an immersive 2-week internship in San Diego at the CHEK Studio for endurance coaching and a few weeks later I founded Fourth Dimension Fitness in January 2008.

By 2009 the athletes I began coaching were starting to be noticed and 4D was gaining some serious momentum.  Since then, we have had too many successes to list.  What started so many years ago with the desire to figure out my own performance pitfalls after failing to meet my expectations at long course triathlon has become my life’s mission to help others achieve theirs.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran looking for that last little bit necessary to check the last box on your list, or a total beginner looking to get started on the correct track, I can help you.  I have spent the last 20+ years helping athletes at all points on the spectrum reach their potential.  Power sports, endurance sports, general health and wellness, strength and nutrition are all connected.  I have spent my life living and studying it all.

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