“I started working with 4D in July of this year after completing my first 70.3 race in New Orleans. I thought I was well trained for the race but it was evident during the race that I may have put a lot of time into training but it was not focused in the right areas. I struggled during the run portion of the race and knew I was not adequately prepared.

I knew if I wanted to improve in triathlon, I needed guidance from someone who could organize a focused training schedule and customize it to my busy schedule. Will tailored a training program which helped me to improve my 70.3 time by 25 minutes at my following race at Austin 70.3. I felt unbelievably fresh off the bike and had a great race.

Overall, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life and look forward to racing in 2011.  I would highly recommend 4D to anyone who is interested in making improvements in their triathlon results or need help in achieving their fitness goals.”