From over-weight & out-of-shape to Ironman! When I joined 4D Racing, I could barely run a 5k. I came in knowing I wanted to complete Triathlons but lacked structure. For 3 years now Dustin has helped provide me with programing, education, advice, motivation, and everything I needed in a coach! He’s helped me grow as an athlete, adapt when necessary, and foster this unknown love of endurance sports. Every goal I’ve had he’s been fully supportive, realistic with what’s possible, and took every step to help me get there! I’ve learned when to listen to my body and when to push harder because I’m here to get better. Dustin consistently took my for feedback in order to scale my programing up as I improved or adjust & adapt as my outside life became more demanding. Everything is personalized – reminding me I’m more than just numbers, watts, or miles per hour. Will, Jessica, and Dustin all are amazing coaches, and I’m so glad to be a part of the 4D family!