“I started with 4th Dimension Fitness after completing my first half ironman race. I had followed an online half-iron plan and had a disappointing race. I felt that I had completed the training per the plan and I did not have unrealistic goals for the race. I talked to Will after the race and he gave me several pointers to try as I moved forward. Since he was so open when I wasn’t a client, I felt that 4D was worth the cost/risk being that I had another half-iron race later that year. I started training with 4D in May and had my second half iron race in September. I went over 35 minutes faster on what seemed like less training than I was putting in before. All my sessions with 4D were more targeted and had a purpose. I was not going out and riding/running at a guessed perceived effort, it was a tested and exact exertion level. While I felt like I was training less, the efforts were easier on my easy sessions and more intense on my hard sessions.

I just completed my first race of the year and am building towards my first Ironman in June. My race was a short Duathlon and I went faster than I have ever done in this race and I am not even training for short events.

Will is always available to answer my questions and what I respect the most from him is that he cares enough about his clients that if he doesn’t know the answer, he seeks it out from his contacts in the industry. I have already achieved some goals I had set and I am looking forward to my future races because I know that whether I am successful or not, my preparation will be solid.”