“I started working with Will at 4th Dimension Fitness in July ’10 in preparation for my 1st Ironman, IMFL. At that time I was not running and out of shape as a nagging lower back problem was limiting my training. Will took this into consideration and designed a detailed program that strengthened my core and allevaited all the back problems I had the prior year. All the while I watched my swim, bike and run splits steadily improve. With Wills program I showed up to the shores of Panama City a much stronger, fitter, faster athlete than I was just 4 months prior. I was feeling rested and confident in my ability to not only finish and Ironman but finish in a solid time. I was more than pleased with my performance at IMFL so I continued to work with Will. To this date I have set PR’s in every distance I have raced using a 4D program. Weather it be a sprint, olympic and half Ironman I continue to improve and I see my power #’s on the bike go through the roof. Today I feel unstoppable and I am going to crush dreams at IMAZ. If you are signed up, watch out or I will hurt your feelings!!!!”