He loves his family of 5 and spending time with them.

He loves the whole process that goes into triathlon- from the cool equipment and gear, getting to eat a bunch of maple syrup while training, to the preparation and build up to race weekend and race day.

He started triathlon 10 years ago, and fell in love immediately! He did his 1st sprint triathlon then and he ate a PB sandwich in T1. He may or may not have had orange wedges too. He’s learned a lot in 10 years of on and off training. He loves triathlon enough that he got 2 of his kids into racing their first 2 triathlons this summer!

He’s trained with and without 4D over the past 10 years. He’s completed 10 70.3, a Full IM in 2015 (with 4D) and multiple marathons and 1/2 marathons. He’s still married (LOL) with 3 young children, and everyday he realizes that time is essential.

He states:

“With limited time in the day, I NEED 4D to make me the best athlete that I can be and want to be. My workouts are tailored to me and backed with science. Anyone who is interested in becoming theirs best athlete as efficiently as possible, should use Will Jones and 4D. After my 70.3 PR in Memphis a couple weeks ago, I’m looking forward to continuing to push my limits with 4D!”


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