Why You’re Not Getting Better

There are many pitfalls along the path of progress. 

The self-coached athlete has a gauntlet of obstacles to navigate. 

Often athletes sabotage themselves by overlooking big things by trying to many little things or the latest greatest hack flying around the internet. Sometimes they try too hard, sometimes they don’t work hard enough. 

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, it’s likely you have been doing some of these things: 

  • The self-coached athlete tends to always train at a similar intensity regardless of duration, they focus on volume and not intensity or load. 
  • They want to see progress every session.
  • They think they can out-train bad habits. 
  • They don’t understand the importance of recovery.
  • They let their ego dictate the workout. 
  • They have an all or nothing mindset about training.

Physiology Plays a Big Part

Physiology is a complicated science, there are a lot of grey areas.  Many people don’t understand the balance of systems and all of the variables in play. 

Endurance sports are more complex than they appear, there are many parts to the equation. It can be a bit overwhelming to someone starting out. The fact that almost everyone has run at some point, and most everyone learned to ride a bicycle as a child, the assumption can be made that these sports are easy.  This is where psychology comes in.  An athlete’s mindset is crucial to their success.  How people frame a given situation directly affects their affective state.  A race or a workout can be scuttled before it starts if your head is not in it. 

Coaching is both an art and a science, this is where we come in.  A coach will evaluate you and create a plan that is both achievable and challenging.  They will teach you along the way and guide you in effective strategy thereby building your confidence as well as your body to execute that strategy to achieve your goals. The coach athlete relationship is all about communication and accountability.  They work together towards a common goal. 

Let us help you on your journey.


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