Featured Athlete: Dustin Drewes

I know it is already April and this is a big weekend of racing so before anymore time passes it is IMPORTANT to recognize the 4D athlete of the Month for MARCH. Our March feature is also my right hand man here at4D and Rouge Roubaix. Dustin has been working with me for a couple of years now and does an outstanding job with his athletes as well as being a good student himself. There are plenty of good things to say about him and I won’t mention them all but here are a few of the big ones from March.

Dustin did an outstanding job as RD of Rouge Roubaix.

He has coached his first athlete from cat 5 to cat 1.

He won a race in Arkansas while there with the Tulane Cycling Team. He is also the Coach for Tulane this year. Yet also remains a good force in the LSU cycling ranks as past president of that team.

He is making a good transition back to cycling after taking a year off to learn more about triathlon.

Other Fun Facts about DD:

He has a dog named Bowser.

He is the calf to ankle ratio champion.

He and MBT are getting Married in November.


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