Ironman World Championship: Round 2

Written by: Jessica Jones, Triathlon Winner and 4D Coach

I wasn’t sure if I’d have any thoughts to share on this race. To sum it up, I had moments of brilliance, moments of weakness, and moments of defeat. But what I can take away from this race is I am confident in my ability to push through and overcome. Not all days are great days, and not all races are perfect races. But they become critical pieces of our foundation that we can build upon and I’ve cemented yet another world championship experience into my foundation. And that is priceless and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to compete with the best in the world.


It was beautiful, no surprise. I was finally able to go out and keep up with some of the faster swimmers instead of getting comfortable within my own pace and trailing back. I never knew if I’d break that 1 hour mark again since IMFL 2011. So to do it in Kona was a fabulous feeling.


I was happy to have felt prepared this time around for the climbs which is hard to do living and training in South Louisiana. The wind on the other hand, that is something you can’t simulate. It still blows my mind (👈🏻 see what I did there?) and it rocked me to my core.


You know it’s going to be a rough day when you want to quit before it starts. Maybe had I dialed in the nutrition a little finer I could have executed the run to plan. But by this time, I told my family I’ll be lucky to even finish. I was in a dark place that I recognized from a previous race and nothing could pull me out. But I put my nose to the ground and chipped away at the miles. I thought about all the cool places I’d travel to when I quit training and racing. And the things I would buy when I sell all my bikes. But in the days following, after much thought, frustration, and fine tooth combing, I’m at peace with the day and I’m still hungry for more. I can’t in good conscious end on such a dark note so upward and onward I go into my search for Ironman #6. Kona, I’ll be back for you. You angry bitch.


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