TMALAT Recap – May 2021

TMALAT ™️ (the Monday after LA Tri) 2021 edition…

After TWO years on cancellations, we were ready to rip at this year’s event. Aimee and the RKF crew did an exceptional job per usual putting on a superior race for us in our own backyard. This is an event near and dear to our hearts and we are excited to see the growth year after year.

🍊 the team took home so many awards, including Overall make and female, it would be difficult to name them all. But we are super proud of everyone who came out and had fun while doing it.

🍊 Chris, Kerri, and Sean headed west to tackle the beast that is Ironman 70.3 St. George. The reports were all similar: hard, hilly, windy, but beautiful. We are stoked they all had solid races on a challenging course! Safe travels home.

Next up is the LAMBRA 40k ITT this weekend followed by Crawfishman and Grandman. The local events are what started this whole thing so y’all don’t forget to show them some love. RACING IS BACK! RACING IS BACK! RACING IS BACK!


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