Weekend Recap – June 2021

Pulse check….What a crazy weekend.

The team was literally represented across the country this weekend. From mountains of CDA, to the East coast Florida, to the backyard False River and we were here for it.

🍊 CDA brought the literal heat to the NW and we had a strong lineup at the start. The day was not what we all anticipated but there were smiles, cheers, and support for one another all day on course. Two of the 4D Fam got the job done and we couldn’t be more proud of Lindsey & Adrien for gutting it out on a tough day 🔥

🍊 Bryan showed up ready to work at USAC amateur Nats and that he did. They averaged 29mph for 109 miles and came down to a field sprint 😳

🍊 The local scene was hoppin at Freedom Fest Tri with many of the team taking Masters and AG awards. We are so glad to see the local races trickling back and reminding us how fun it is to go real fast 💨

Up next….some RNR and looking towards the back half of the season.

Let’s keep the crush momentum going!


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