Weekend Recap – October 16th – 18th, 2020

We are 12/10 excited to have more results to post….it’s been way too long!

🍊Chris and Jeremy represented the squad at IM 70.3 Arizona today with both landing within the top 10 in their Age Groups. Word from the west was the new safe return to racing was very organized, less stressful, and provided ample space for all athletes.

🍊Sam held on to his crown for another year at the Tour of Jefferson charity ride. A request was submitted to mention coach Will taking 2nd place at the race…we mean ride.

🍊Looking ahead and forward to the TDL bike fight next weekend and the first full Ironman to hit North America this year in PCB. We may not #partywiththousands but we will party.

We outchea bringing the pain!


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